It's the 44th Annual WIBX Slocum Dickson Heart Radiothon - and it looks like Matt Hubbell and I are going to try and raise some money (by exercising our little hearts out!)


People on Treadmills
(Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

This weekend is all about the American Heart Association and raising money to fight heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer in America, and most people know at least one person in their life that is effected by the terrible disease.

Here's the deal. Matt Hubbell and I are participating in the H&R Block Treadmill Challenge - where we will walk to raise money. It starts at 4pm today (Friday), and we need your help! I think I may need it a little more than Matt, though. :P

From 4pm to 5pm, Matt Hubbell and I will be on the treadmill taking pledges and donations. Here's the kicker - neither one of us can get off the treadmill until we raise at least $300 (see? I told you I would need your help).

This event has been going on all morning on our sister station WIBX 950 - and Matt Hubbell and I will be joining them when we get on the treadmills at 4pm.

To call and make a donation (to team Naomi Lynn of course), call 624 - 9429. Plus, you can listen to all the fun on WIBX 950.

Please help me raise my $300, and help in the fight against heart disease. Every little bit counts. Even if you donate a dollar to this event, you are still helping out a great cause!



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