Attention world's laziest person, we have the job for you!  We must make one thing perfectly clear. You can’t get all.  You can do some work while in bed, check your Facebook and e-mail...but, you can't get up, at all.

Yes, they have ways of feeding you and assisting you with relieving yourself.  Oh yeah, with the pre-studies, the total test lasts for 105 days.

King 5 News recently reported that NASA is conducting tests on the potential effects on astronauts before they go to Mars. The report says:

One of the problems of living in a weightless environment is atrophy of muscle and bone because they aren’t being used that much.

After the 70 days, volunteers will go through a series of exercises, including simulating activities astronauts would do once they land on the moon.

Once again, You can’t get all. Are you actually interested? Okay, you can fill out an application here.