It's the end of the year, so it's time to take a look at your life and make those changes for the New Year that will make you happy. If you hate your job and you're very lazy there might be some jobs out there for you in the new year.

When I first read this following list I cracked up at what they consider lazy jobs. These people work the hardest! Here’s the list from of the top three lazy jobs:

  • Weatherman - Your job is to go to the office, look at a computer that has some weather moving over it, then tell people that where those green blobs are moving around. I don’t think weather men are lazy at all! The only one I trust here in central New York is Wayne Mahar from WSTM in Syracuse. He is right on the money most days!
  • Tabloid Reporter - Why do all that difficult research and reporting when you can just make stuff up? Your dream job could be at TMZ or Who wouldn’t want to just poke fun at celebs all day?
  • Actor - A lot of laying around and eating catered food, interrupted by a few bursts of hard work throughout the year. 
  • Radio DJ- I’ll add this one to the list. We push buttons, talk, and order food all day hehe

I figured I'd add a picture of myself in the studio for this story. I'm wearing a Pauly Shore shirt from the movie Encino Man. Looks like I'm hard at work!