Imagine if you didn't pay rent what would happen. For the National Guard, it has been ongoing for 5 years with a whopping amount owed.

Syracuse's Hancock International Airport is who is owed quite the staggering sum of money. In fact, the total figure in back rent over the last half-decade is $1.8 million according to The big question is, how exactly do you go about trying to get unpaid money, especially this large amount, from a branch of the United States Military?

For the last 5 years, drones have been able to fly in and out of the Syracuse Airport through a deal signed in 2015. It was a monumental announcement at that time that Syracuse would be able to have this happen, as it actually became the first airport of its kind to have drones without any pilots landing. While that is an amazing thing to have in Central New York, it became a burden to Hancock International Airport.

“The longer this process drags on, chances grow that the airport will need to plug this gap in its finances by raising landing fees or other charges, which would in turn harm SYR’s ability to attract new carriers and routes,” - United States Representative John Katko/

The issue became so large that not just Representative Katko chimed in, but also New York Senator and Majority Leader of the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer, had to step in. The result will see the National Guard paying back what they owe Hancock, $1.8 million. On top of that, a new rental agreement has also been reached where rent has increased by $23,000 annually.

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