You'll have a little something extra to look at while you're enjoying a Labatt Blue or Blue Light this summer in New York State. Cans of the Canadian pilsner-style lager are boasting special New York water scenes inside an outline of the state.

Labatt USA, based in Buffalo, an importer of Labatt's Canadian products since 1951, announced a cool new initiative in conjunction with Riverkeeper, the Empire State's clean water advocate. The two entities are joining hands to promote, safegaurd and sustain the drinking water supplies of nine million New Yorkers.

“Not only is clean water required to make great beer," said Lisa Texido, brand manager for the Labatt Family, "but it also means recreation on the water. By working to improve our water footprint, we’re also able to impact our communities to help ensure everyone can swim, boat and enjoy our local waterways throughout the summer.”

On the retail side, Labatt USA's "Loving New York" program features artwork on cans of Labatt Blue and Blue Light, depicting scenes of popular summer water destinations in New York State, such as the one pictured above of a couple of Adirondack chairs overlooking Lake George. Others include scenes of the Buffalo River, Seneca Lake and the Thousand Islands.

Which Central New York or Mohawk Valley water scenes should be added to the collection?


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