Lite 98.7 Utica has a new morning show and a new co-host.  For weeks, Townsquare Media veteran, Dave Wheeler has been talking to a mysterious, supposedly nameless voice before Lite 98.7 launched its new morning show called Best Morning on Monday March 27, 2023.  The mysterious, supposedly nameless voice has been revealed to be Philadelphia Metro Area transplant, Envy McKee.

Which is me.

I am Envy McKee.


Husband, Teen, Baby Kitty and I moved to Utica, NY in July (of 2022), with the hopes of some fresher air, to take deeper breaths-- and to chart a new course-- in a new state and a smaller town. We have framily that lives here already, so it wasn't a big jump for me to look for ways that I can use my gifts, talents and capacities to be useful.


I've been writing, hosting and producing award winning content for radio, tv, print and digital media in the Philadelphia Metro Area for well over 15 years. I'm an award-winning veteran of both music format (Radio ONE) and talk radio (WURD), and regional TV’s Good Day Philadelphia (as a regular contributor). I am an accomplished voiceover artist, SOUL-Fi author, conversation guide, prolific meditator, tree hugger, rare seed thrower, cat person, and plant-based recipe crafter. I am a Sagittarian (fire signs stand up!) and what you will affectionately come to know as Star People.  Finding a gig where I can utilize all this fabulosity would be, I thought, complicated.


Except that it wasn't.

I was hoping to find something cool and fun and in my field.

And I did.

They called me. Invited me to a party. And the rest, as they say in cheeseball land-- is herstory.


And if you need a lil extra cheeze--I'm lucky that I found what I was looking for as both Co-host of Best Morning with Dave Wheeler and Assistant Brand Manager of Lite 98.7!

I'm grateful I get to do the work I was born to do. And I'm even more grateful I get to do the work I love to do with people I like to do it with for and with you!  Feel free to join us weekday mornings Monday through Friday 6-10am.

Listen, we're all just doing the best we can. At Best Morning, we tune in and turn up!



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