It looks like the New Hartford Chuck E. Cheese has closed, as the company files for bankruptcy over the "financial strain" of coronavirus closures.

We reported June 12th that Chuck E. Cheese's was "on the verge of bankruptcy," according to reports from Yahoo and the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal had reported that the brand that owns Chuck E. Cheese's, CEC Entertainment, is about $1 billion in debt. It's unknown if any restaurants will close. The Texas-based restaurant chain currently operates 610 locations - or maybe that's 609, since it appears the New Hartford location closed.

Reports say workers were seen removing games and signs from the New Hartford store.

Aside from the challenges it faced during the pandemic, the eatery also concocted a money-making scheme that fell a bit flat. In an attempt to bring in some non-traditional revenue during COVID-19, the store masqueraded as Pasqually's Pizza and Wings on delivery apps. While some found it creative, others did not appreciate the deception.

This bankruptcy may create an opportunity for others occupying the same "space" in the Utica-Rome area. As we told you last month, Family Fun Factory, which closed its doors inside Sangertown in 2018, is planning to re-open in the Hartford Shopping Center. And Billy Beez (in Sangertown) is pointing toward the last phase of re-openings in the Empire State.

For details, news, locations and more information on Chuck E. Cheese's, head on over to their website,

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