Miss me? I miss you, and I miss the arrival of Spring. I'm waiting for nicer weather so I can get the rest on my projects done around the house.

So far I've got the blinds up, the screens up, the hot tub clean and Dylan & I visited Chuck Cheese!

He's a good shot at basket ball!

But the most time consuming project is our messy yard.

Mother nature dumped a whole lot of debris over the winter; branches, pine needles, twigs, pine-cones and more.

It took a day to rake it up and another to haul it out front. Now the yard is presentable and ready for outdoor activity, but, what's that? More snow! ugggg!

I wonder how long the piles will sit out front before the city comes by?

Well, back to work...I've got to scrub concrete, fix the garage door, put up the tent and wash windows. A quick trip to Buffalo first to visit family & friends and I'll talk to ya Monday!