For a second night, New Hartford residents were startled by a loud boom. There's still no explanation for the loud noise - but video shows a bright flash.

For two nights in a row, New Hartford residents have been awakened, and their pets frightened by a loud explosion sound. Some residents have characterized it as a "cherry bomb in a dumpster" and others speculate that it might be a transformer explosion.

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Now, closed circuit video obtained from Jay K Lumber (thank you, Dean Kelly) shows a bright flash at the time of the explosion on the first night. The two videos - taken from different angles - show a flash, the source of which appears to be off camera. In one video, the flash appears very bright.

Paul Miscione, the New Hartford Town Supervisor, says there is no explanation for the sound so far. Residents report hearing sirens in the area of Jay K Lumber and Seneca Turnpike not long after last night's explosion, which happened around 10:35pm.

Residents say, "We just heard it again tonight. Like one minute ago! It’s very distressing. It’s not a fun shot, it’s like what a bomb would sound like. Our house felt the vibrations seconds after."

"I heard it last night and a couple weeks ago there was one that shook my house a little during the day and there was nothing on the 911 logs or scanner about it either. We hear things like that a lot around my house."

"We were just going for a walk by Francis Road and we heard it LOUD and clear. I would say a large gun or large M80 type firework. Some type of explosion was first thought. Propane tank?"

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