New Hartford students created amazing work of art that look good enough to eat...but you probably shouldn't try to take a bite.

Students in Mrs. Tauroney's Studio Art class - made up of 9th grade students at Perry Junior High, "and one very talented 8th grader" - created these clay masterpieces over 2-3 weeks. She says in some cases, the lettuce in some of the entrees is made from tracing paper, painted with watercolors.

Yup, that's right - all this delicious food is made out of CLAY! 

Tell me you couldn't take a bite of this chicken?

Credit: Monica Tarouney

What about a nibble out of this donut?

Credit: Monica Tarouney

What about sitting down to this delicious steak and potato dinner?

Credit: Monica Tarouney

Check out all the amazing "entrees" the students at Perry JH created - which one would you like to eat?

Congratulations to Mrs. Tauroney and her students - these are just amazing!! 

Is This Food Real?