"Big Brother" winner Rachel Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas are going to Hollywood. TMZ is reporting that Rachel plans on moving to Los Angeles and pitching her upcoming wedding as a possible reality show. Sadly, I would watch, would you?

Sources close to Rachel tell TMZ that the couple has no plans on a quickie wedding, but they do want to settle down in Los Angeles. As you might remember from both seasons, Brendon is currently enrolled in grad school at UCLA.

Rachel is planning to use her "BB" winnings to buy a condo in town, look for opportunities in the entertainment biz, and plan her wedding. Oh by the way, "planning her wedding" entails pitching it as a reality show to various production companies and networks in hopes of having it all paid for.

In the words of Sheen, Winning.


(Photo by Rachel Reilly/Facebook)