It seems like every year, the New York State Fair gets bigger and better. This year is no different, with quite a few new rides coming to the midway.

The midway at the NYS Fair is already pretty impressive, with tons and TONS of rides - perfect for young children, teens, adults, and everyone else in between. Now it's growing even bigger with some of these rides being added thanks to the Wade Shows Inc. Midway:


This is a high-thrill ride that will have you spinning and rocking at the same time. The unique thing about this attraction, is the way you sit - It's like you're on a pedestal facing outward (which is sure to add to the thrill factor).


Street Fighter 360

Now this is definitely a high-thrill ride! We've seen rides like this before (with the pendulum motion), but not ones that take you completely over. Well, this one does - And it's intense. Check out the simulation of the ride below:


Super Cyclone Coaster

This coaster is perfect for the whole family - sure it's thrilling, but it's not too much for some of the younger children to handle. (Yes, the video says 'Crazy Cat...' Maybe they renamed the ride or it's a remake?)


Also added to the midway this year is "Genesis," "Stampede," "Jungle Twist," and "Storm." And don't forget all the favorites from last year that will be back. You can see a whole list of rides that will be at the New York State Fair from Wade Shows Inc. here.

The NYS Fair runs from Thursday, August 25th through Monday, September 5th. It's full of attractions for the whole family - From demonstrations, the history of the fair, amazing food and treats, to the midway rides, free concerts, and the wine and cheese seminars. Don't forget about all the animal showings and exhibits! You can see all that the New York State Fair has to offer, here.




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