Another reason today to be New York Proud. Apparently, we're doing much better than just fighting the good fight against the coronavirus.

With all states taking serious actions, such as closing bars and restaurants or banning large gatherings to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the personal-finance website WalletHub has released its report on the Most Aggressive States Against the Coronavirus.

To learn which states are taking the largest actions to combat coronavirus, WalletHub used 35 key metrics to measure all 50 plus Washington, DC. Data studied included "tested cases of COVID-19 per capita and state legislation on the pandemic to the uninsured population and share of the workforce in affected industries." The Empire State scored very well in some areas, not so much in others.

Interesting results for the Empire State in the three main categories of this study--Prevention and Containment (4th), Risk Factors and Infrastructure (40th), and Economic Impact (5th). Also, New York ranked #4 overall, behind Rhode Island (1st), Connecticut and Maryland.

Wyoming was dead last overall.

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