Where can you find the most peaceful place to live in America? Look no further than this New York State city.

Money Inc recently published an article called "The 20 Most Peaceful Places to Live in the U.S." to help you find places to relax and unwind.

Determining which cities are the most peaceful places to live in America is not an exact science. After all, one persons peace is another persons noise. For example, some may consider a place without cell phones as peaceful, while others may find peace lounging under a large tree texting. For others, a peaceful place to live might be one that is economically sound, has good schools and fun activities."

Only one city in all of New York State made the list. Who?

One Of America's Most Peaceful Places Is...

On this list Money Inc, one of the most peaceful places in all of America is Buffalo New York. Wait, Buffalo? Yes, Buffalo came in at number 19 out of 20:

Buffalo, New York appears on Bustle’s list of least stressful cities but that’s not the only reason we’re placing it on our list. It also places in the CBS News list of cities least likely to be hit by natural disasters.

They do remind readers, and we all know thus part is true, winters may be tough. However,  summers in Buffalo are very nice. If you wanted to get some peaceful relaxation from Buffalo, Money Inc suggests that you explore the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Rust Belt Books and the Mark Twain Room located in the Buffalo Public Library.

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