Imagine the next time that you open your bank account app and take a look at the balance and you see some extra zeroes in the number. Like not one or two, many zeroes. Given the status of the current economy, we could all use some extra money. There is one way to make that happen and it is getting some serious attention these days from all over the country and right here in New York State.

According to officials at the lottery, the next Mega Millions drawing will be in record territory.

The tenth largest prize in the 20-year history of Mega Millions® will be up for grabs on Friday, July 15 – an estimated $480 million ($276.0 million cash)! The jackpot keeps rolling after no ticket matched all six numbers drawn Tuesday night: the white balls 4, 7, 10, 45 and 64, plus the gold Mega Ball 12.

I drive to work along Route 5 in to Buffalo, New York every morning. Really, it's the middle of the night when you consider that I am driving in at 3:30am. But I always take a look at the large lottery billboard that is near the Skyway entrance. I was shocked/excited to see the jackpot was not won yet and now is when I start thinking about playing. I know it makes no sense. The odds of winning probably diminish dramatically when the jackpot gets this big as more people try to play but it is fun to be a part of something so exciting.

By the way, the top prize ever in Mega Millions history was back in 2018. The payout was $1.537 billion to ONE winning ticket in South Carolina!

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