Whether it's on a Tuesday, or any other day of the week, we can all agree tacos are amazing. Where are you finding the best Mexican restaurant in New York State?

The food website Love Food decided to put together a mega list of Mexican restaurants. They highlighted one restaurant per every state in America.

Our selections are based on genuine user reviews, awards and accolades, and the first-hand experience of our team. They're also regularly checked and updated.

Who did they pick as the best Mexican restaurant in New York state?

The Best Mexican Restaurant In New York State Is...


Love Food named Cosme, of New York City, as the best in all of New York State. Here's what they had to say:

Located in New York City's Flatiron District, Cosme is a stylish restaurant serving contemporary, Mexican-inspired cuisine. Helmed by chef Enrique Olvera, the brains behind Mexico City’s much-praised Pujol, the restaurant has a terrifically creative menu that marries regional ingredients with Mexican flavors. Dishes change seasonally, but examples include a bone marrow salsa, avocado stuffed with seafood and horseradish, and husk meringue with sweetcorn custard."

Cosme calls themselves a CASAMATA restaurant. What does that mean?

Casamata encompasses a collection of distinct hospitality projects anchored in one common objective: “to share our mexican identity, by creating world class experiences that reflect our heritage with pride”

Their dishes are inspired and rooted in Mexican flavors and traditions while celebrating local and seasonal ingredients from the Hudson Valley and surrounding region of New York State. Cosme has been open in New York City since 2014. 50 Best named them number 22 of their list of Top 50 Restaurants In The World back in 2021:

A buzzing vibe is combined with exceptional, original food and attentive but chilled out service. Conceived by the inimitable Enrique Olvera, this is the sort of New York restaurant you can travel across the world to enjoy or return to time and again.

You can find them at 35 E 21st St, New York, NY 10010, USA.

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