If you love classic Seinfeld, than you will love this classic coat for sale online.

An 8-Ball Jacket Is For Sale

Gabriel Jara
Gabriel Jara

The 8-ball jacket is a style of leather jacket created by San Francisco–based designer Michael Hoban in 1990:

"The style is characterized by bright color-blocking and large black and white decals on the back and sleeves, made to look like the eight ball used in some cue sports. The distinctive design became trendy in 1990s fashion after being worn by athletes and hip-hop stars. The many symbolic associations of the eight ball, combined with the jacket's high retail price and celebrity associations quickly made it a status symbol for young people in the city's East Coast hip hop scene."

By the time Seinfeld got to it, the fad was on the way out.

Which Episode Was The 8-Ball Jacket In?

"The Reverse Peephole" was the 12th episode of the ninth season of Seinfeld. In this episode, you might remember three crazy classic storylines happening:

"Jerry gets rid of his wallet and ultimately replaces it with a European carry-all, Kramer and Newman face possible eviction after they reverse the peepholes on their doors and Newman begins an affair with the super's wife, and Elaine has to recover a friend's fur coat which she mistakenly threw out a window."

Where the jacket comes in: Elaine was embarrassed by David Puddy having a fur coat, so when she was placed in charge of the coats, Elaine secretly threw Puddy's fur coat out the window. She finds out she tossed Joe's near-identical coat instead, and Joe demands Elaine buy him a new coat. Once Puddy sees Jerry in a fur later in the episode, Puddy sells his fur coat and buys the classic leather eight-ball jacket.

How To Buy The Jacket

Gabriel Jara
Gabriel Jara

The jacket for sale on Facebook IS NOT the one from the actual Seinfeld episode. I just wanted to clarify.

"Men’s Vintage 90s 8 ball Leather jacket phase 2 (NOTE) zipper doesn’t work"

If you're interested, the jacket is $110. You can read more here.

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