Are we rude, or polite here in New York State? 2 cities recently made the list of the rudest cities in America, and sadly they are both from New York.

Business Insider and SurveyMonkey both took a look at how polite we can be all across America. In an article called "The rudest cities in America, ranked according to a new Insider survey" New York made the list twice.

First though, how did they rank all of the cities?

The rankings are based on two online polls conducted in October and November 2019 — American adults were asked to choose the five rudest cities from a list of the 50 largest metro areas in the country. The two polls for this survey had a total of 2,092 respondents with a margin of error of 2%: 1,075 respondents were collected 10/25/19 - 10/26/19, and 1,017 respondents were collected 11/22/19 - 11/23/19."

So the data is in, who made the list?

Which Cities In New York State Made The List?

1) New York City

The rudest city in America, according to the survey, is New York City. It was rated rude by 34.3% of respondents, which was almost twice as much as the next highest city on the list.

New York is rated the rudest city by a large majority. But it's nothing new. Manhattan borough historian Michael Miscione told The New York Times in 2011 that New Yorkers have been considered rude since the 1700s."

New Yorkers don't have time to be polite?

7) Buffalo

11.3% of respondents thought Buffalo had the rudest inhabitants.

The Buffalo News published an opinion piece condemning the rude reception conservative and anti-Muslim speaker Robert Spencer got on the University of Buffalo campus in 2017."

Poor Buffalo. You may have the football team, falls, and chicken wings, but Business Insider is saying you aren't super nice.

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