If you're looking for some of the best burgers in all of America, you won't have to leave New York. Reader's Digest just named the Empire State as a burger destination.

You won't need to open Yelp, Google, or Facebook for reviews where to find the best burger in New York State. Reader's Digest just compiled a list of the best burgers in all of America. Coast to coast, bun to bun, they did all the heavy lifting:

Whether thick and juicy, piled high with toppings, or oozing with cheese, the best burger in each state proves that nothing hits the spot quite like the classic dish."


So who did they announce as the winner for New York State?

For New York State, you will find the best burger at Peter Luger in Brooklyn:

One of the most famous spots to enjoy a steak in New York also whips up one of the best burgers in the entire state. At Peter Luger in Brooklyn and on Great Neck, Long Island, the focus is on the quality of the beef, and the prime dry-aged meat that goes into Luger’s juicy, medium-rare burgers will have you begging for more. The burger is served on a sesame bun with raw onion, and the restaurant recommends you enjoy it as is."

the restaurant has been rated the top steakhouse in New York since 1984, has earned itself a Michelin Star, and has joined the ranks of American classics. So if you're feeling up for a challenge, try their burgers.

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