Not only do they put others before themselves, but they do the same for the environment as well. And they want YOU to join their team.

New York State Environmental Conservation Officers (ECO) and Forest Rangers play crucial roles in protecting those in and out the state. Not only that, but they also work to protect the amazing and beautiful environment that makes New York so special.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

ECO Police Officers and Investigators play a crucial role in upholding New York's environmental laws and regulations. They work on the front lines every day, committed to safeguarding public health in every way they can.

This could be anything from ensuring hunters and anglers follow regulations out in the woods or on the water, to working alongside law enforcement agencies in investigating crimes. Some of these include cases like air emission violations and solid waste dumping.

All Officers and Investigators are trained by experts to perform their jobs with persistence, integrity, and good judgement. They are always on patrol and ready to serve their community.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

DEC Forest Rangers are extremely important in ensuring the safety of everyone in and around our New York State Parks. These men and women serve every day, responding to search and rescue incidents statewide. By working alongside other state and local emergency response groups, Forest Rangers are able to quickly locate and save lost, distressed, or injured people in New York State.

According to DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos, there has been an increase in people visiting state parks and lands in the last decade. They noticed a specific increase recently after and during the COVID-19 pandemic. With that being said, it's more important now than ever to have Forest Rangers ready and trained to better protect anyone who heads into the great outdoors.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The exam for both DEC ECO and Forest Rangers is being held on September 17th. Though that may be a while away, the deadline for applications is on August 3rd.

Learn more and sign up for the entry level law enforcement exam to become an ECO today. There's also more information on both roles by visiting the DEC's website here.

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