People have tried to have the craziest pets, but this one might be the weirdest we've seen so far.

Canada Goose standing next to a canal. Sunny weather.

NYS Environmental Conservation Officers (ECO) were recently called to a home in Nassau County after getting reports of a caged Canadian Goose on someone's property. The caller told officers they didn't think the bird had enough room to move around, or even enough food and water in its cage.

Concerned, for multiple reasons, ECO Chris DeRose was sent over to the owners residence to check on the report. When he got there, he found the goose in the backyard. Not only was it in a wired dog crate, but the homeowner created a make-shift fence for it under their trampoline as well.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

ECO DeRose interviewed the homeowner, who claimed one of her friends dropped the goose off to her after rehabilitating it for an injury. The woman said she wanted to keep it as a pet, of which by no surprise, is a big no-no.

The ECO informed the woman that New York has regulations that prohibit anyone from owning a wild animal, like this Canadian Goose. He then removed the goose from the property and issued the homeowner a ticket.

Goose, Geese
Goose, Geese

The goose was taken in for examination, but was thankfully found in good health. The ECO's later released the bird back into the wild where it belonged.

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