K9 Officers serve a special role in law enforcement, and Deming left a huge impact on all of those he served with.

The Department of Environmental Conservation said one final goodbye to a special member of their Division of Law Enforcement (DLE). Deming was a retired K9 Officer, named after retired Lieutenant Deming Lindsley.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

K9 Deming spent his life serving alongside ECO Ricky Wood, becoming partners back in 2013. The team worked together in DEC Region 3, where they were responsible for handling hundreds of wildlife detection, tracking and shell detection cases.

Both ECO Wood and K9 Deming were deployed in the manhunt for the two inmates who escaped Dannemora State Prison back in 2015. This chase ended with Richard Matt being found and shot in Malone, New York and David Sweat shot and taken back into custody.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

K9 Deming was also special because they were the first striped bass detection in New York State. With this certification, Deming was able to locate illegally taken fish.

The DEC's Division of Law Enforcement had Deming retire back in 2020 from service. They spent the last two years enjoying the rest of their life, but sadly passed away on March 12th.

K9 Deming will be missed by everyone at the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Division of Law Enforcement. For more information on this and other stories by the DEC, visit their website.

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