When it comes to being attractive- Is New York State one of the most attractive states, or least attractive states in America?

Zippia boldly went where no website has gone before. They published a story called "The Most (And Least) Attractive States." This list took a look at America, and ranked our beauty:

The majority of the population in the U.S. is concerned about looks. At least for 64%, the first thing they notice about someone is how attractive they are. That just begs the question of which states are the most attractive."

Here's how they came up with the answers- They ranked each state in 5 categories:

Interest in hair, clothes, and other grooming
Obesity rates
Percent of residents who are physically active
Average Income
STD rates"

Once they did that, they were able to create this map:


What Did They Say About New York?

New York State ranked Number 5 as one of the Most Attractive States:

Taking the subway or walking are the only great ways of maneuvering around the Big Apple so it’s no wonder the residents there are able to stay in shape with 24% of adults keeping an active lifestyle. Perhaps the most impressive feat is that the state ranks No. 1 for how much time residents commit to their personal grooming. Especially considering the hours they spend commuting and working."

So congrats to New York State.

Who Is The Least Attractive State?

Poor Mississippi. Mississippi ranked dead last on this list, along with Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, and South Carolina. You can check out their full ranking online here.

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