Wait a minute, are we all finally agreeing New York State Police look sexy in uniforms? Apparently so.

For years, firefighters often get all sorts of credit for their eye-catching uniforms. However, their comrades in blue have been patrolling the sidelines of the fashion lineup until now.

When it comes to attractive men and women in uniforms, the police service is strutting out of the shadows, ready for their moment in the spotlight. Indeed, America boasts an array of police uniforms, each with its own charm and charisma, turning the men and women who serve into icons of style and substance."

Wealth of Geeks asked 3,000 people to identify the sexiest state police uniforms. The survey was less about the long arm of the law and more about the strong impression these uniforms leave, where tradition meets style. Here's what they said about New York:

23) New York State Police

In 23rd place overall, making it one of the nation's sexiest police uniforms, was that of the New York State Police. Crisp shirts in a smoke grey, with matching trousers and a royal purple tie. It's a look that commands respect, weaving together the threads of the state's rich history to ensure that New York remains a beacon of safety, justice, and unparalleled style."

Do you think New York State Police ranks pretty high up on the sexiest uniform list?

Number one in America was the Texas Department of Public Safety. Texas State troopers emerged from the poll as having the sexiest police uniforms in the nation.

Envision shirts in a crisp, authoritative dark tan, known affectionately by troopers as "Texas Tan". These shirts aren't just attire; they're a banner of pride and tradition, tailored to stand tall against the backdrop of bustling cities, sprawling ranches, and everything in between.

You can read more online here.

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