If you’re a New York Times customer like me maybe you were confused yesterday when you received an email saying your subscription ended. It happened right around 1:30PM and apparently it wasn’t a real email, but an accident from the Times.

I subscribed to the Times via my iPhone in September. I took a Journalism class at college, and we had to buy the paper. I figured I’d read it more if it was on my phone, and I actually did. I still read articles every morning, and before I go to bed. I get real updates and honestly it’s pretty cool. Like a nerd my favorite section is Science. I pay every month so I was pretty confused yesterday when I received this email:

Kind of weird right? Well I figured I’d handle it later because I was at work. I opened the Times app on my phone fine so I figured something was screwed up on their end. However this email didn’t just go to one or two people, it went to over 8 million subscribers. The New York Times confirmed the spam e-mail was a fake, saying it via Twitter "If you received an email today about canceling your NYT subscription, ignore it. It's not from us." At first they thought the problem came from a marketing firm the Times contracts, Shourtly after four I received this email:

New York Times reporters confirmed that the e-mail was from the paper, and not spammers.  It was mistakenly sent to more than 8 million people instead of only 300 as intended. So I guess all is well in the world of The New York Times. Even major companies have accidents.

Do you read the paper? Which section is your favorite?