How nerdy do you think New York State is? Do we geek out over everything, or no?

Zippia released a survey called "THE 10 NERDIEST STATES (AND WHERE THE NERDS WANT TO AVOID)."  Maybe a number of your coworkers are massive fans of franchises like The Mandalorian, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and Lord of the Rings. Is it ok to be nerdy in New York?

How exactly did they come up with these results?

In the end, using the definition of a nerd as “someone extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest” we scoured internet search data to find the nerdiest states. To determine where the biggest fans of hobby or fandom were, we turned to Google Trends to find state-level topic search volume. These topics include searches for things like “Dungeons and Dragons games near me”, deep questions about the Star Wars universe (but also, when the next episode of the Mandalorian is on), and Harry Potter fanfiction. Basically, all the questions a pretty passionate fan (or nerd) would be looking for."

According to their data, Utah has highest number of searches for nerdy hobbies, meaning, it's the nerdiest state. The least nerdy state in the U.S. is Mississippi. What about New York?

New York Came In At Number 46

Shockingly, even though a ton of comics take place in New York City, New York State is not too nerdy. It came in at number 46 of nerdy, and on the list of the Least Nerdy States, New York was number 4.

Do you agree with this? What's your favorite nerdy hobby? Text us on our station app.

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