Only 55 cities in the entire United States were picked to be on this list, which means these two New York towns are part of a pretty sweet elite club.

If you travel around New York State a lot, you'll find all sorts of amazing gems. Whether that's in a super small town, or the Big Apple, our state has so much to offer. You can get lost in so many amazing places.

If you love charming small towns with historic downtowns, breathtaking lakes and spectacular mountains, New York is no stranger to any of those. These were the types of traits Architectural Digest searched for while putting together their recent list of the “55 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America.” They found an abundance of those things in two New York towns.

We’re not sure if Architectural Digest put their list in any particular order, but in selecting the articles author said:

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so when developing this list, we looked at easy access to nature, the presence of historic or design districts, and topography that’s appealing in its own right—whether it’s beaches or mountains, or maybe a riverside perch."

Which small towns in the Empire State made their list?

Rhinebeck, New York

Rhinebeck is located in Dutchess County village along the Hudson River. The article highlighted how you're able to enjoy beautiful views of the Catskill Mountains, and highlighted the indie-shopping scene in its downtown.

Cold Spring, New York

Cold Spring New York is on the National Register of Historic Place. Here's why it made the cut:

The downtown area contains a good collection of antique and vintage stores in addition to other local shops and restaurants. Nearby hiking opportunities through the Hudson Highlands make Cold Spring a popular weekend escape for New Yorkers, many of whom trek Breakneck Ridge, a mountain between Cold Spring and nearby Beacon. Other popular attractions include Magazzino Italian Art, a 20,000-square-foot art museum free to the public.

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