Kudos to a New York State Trooper who went above and beyond the callings of his duty to take care of a family in need.

Trooper David Guggisberg from State Police in Farmingdale came across a driver whose car had broken down on the Southern State Parkway in Nassau County. The driver had a 2-year-old child with them and couldn't afford to pay the $170 towing fee, Trooper Guggisberg stepped up and paid for the tow so the family could get home safe.

The New York State Police shared Trooper Guggisberg's story on their Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, recognizing an unsung hero who certainly made that family's day a whole lot easier.

While Trooper Guggisberg's actions were nothing short of extraordinary, State Police are no stranger to showing dedication beyond the line of duty. In August, Captain Szoczei was on his way home from work when he saw a woman panicking on the side of the road with a punctured tire. Captain Szoczei pulled over and helped the woman change her tire, even giving her his card in case she needed help again.

"He was in an unmarked car, so if he wanted to drive past me he could’ve and I would’ve never known he was a cop," Rowe posted on her Facebook page. "But he found the kindness out of his heart to stop, on HIS way home, and help me. Thank you officer Szoczei. It is officers like you that give me hope, and do good for our community."

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Thank you to not only Captain Szoczei and Trooper Guggisberg, but to all of our New York State Police doing amazing work and keeping us safe.

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