Dogs are no longer the pet that sleeps outside in a dog house or in the garage.  The millions of New Yorkers who now own dogs consider them part of the family.  A good number of them actually sleep in the same bed as least one family member.

Which are the most popular breeds here in New York? has just released the results of a new survey, and these are the breeds that came out on top.

1. Labrador Retriever

Loyal, easy going and great with kids.

. Shih Tzu

Smart, energetic, loyal and playful.

3. Golden Retriever

Intelligent, family friendly and great with kids.

4.  Bulldog

Courageous, good with family, low maintenance.

5.  Beagle

Easy to train and very friendly.

Other dogs that scored well for popularity here in New York State are were the Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer, German Shepherd and Doberman.


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