The worried guy in the picture is really just nervous about the pre-season wager he placed on the New York Mets to win the 2018 World Series. The Mets probably aren't that good. But, he'll do as a symbol of the problems our state has at the moment.

New York ranks exactly in the middle of the list of the Most Stressed States, according to a study from the fine folks at, but there is ONE area of stress where the Empire State could use a massage or a stiff drink.

First, as for the overall ranking, New York is in pretty good shape. We rank 26th, between California and Pennsylvania on the state stress-o-meter.

Some of the metrics measured were divorce rates, crime rates, average number of hours of sleep per night, job security, health scores, and a handful of other areas that might contribute to stress or well-being.

All of those metrics were then sorted and assigned to four major stress groupings of "Work-Related," "Family-Related," "Money-Related," and "Health-Related." New York's worst result in an individual category was a 15th-place finish in the "Work-Related" stress area.

Louisiana ranked worst and Minnesota came out best in stress.


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