Thanks in part to the recent trend of boy band revivals, 2014 is starting to feel like 1997 all over again, rivalries and feuds included. Verbal shots were fired between 'N SYNC’s Joey Fatone and the Backstreet BoysNick Carter, but at least one member of this conflict is ready to forgive and forget for old times’ sake.

Earlier this month Joey spoke to the Huffington Post to dismiss 'N SYNC reunion rumors (we’re still sad about it) and to take a jab at BSB’s own reunion.

“I feel like they just need the money,” the N SYNC singer said. “No offense guys!”

Offense taken—by Nick, at least. The blonde singer turned to Twitter for his response, posting, “Just disappointed, I really liked joey…” along with several follow-up tweets.

Joey has yet to respond publicly, but Nick doesn’t seem too heartbroken about it.

The BSB member told E! News that the ribbing was “definitely tongue-in-cheek.”

“That’s who Joey is,” Nick explained, “and I respect it, but I’m not going to sit back and just take it. I’m going to give him a little something back, and that’s sort of what happened.”

He continued, “I’m protective over what we do. You know, at the end of the day, we thankfully have a career, where we still have fans, we can still sell out arenas, go all around the world and make money doing it. And that’s a great job to have.”

Sure sounds like it! N SYNC, are you positive you don’t want to reunite?

Jordan Knight, who recently announced he’s teaming up with Nick to produce an album and a tour, gave his two cents on the sitch, too.

“[Nick and Joey] have since squashed it,” said the New Kids on the Block singer. “I saw a text Joey sent Nick not too long ago. He said congrats on the Nick & Knight thing. So, you know, it’s water under the bridge.”

We’re relieved that this boy band feud, at least, has ended peacefully!

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