Steeped in history and legends, New York is filled with stories of the forgotten, eerie and the weird that influence us everyday. Utica has grown several times over the years from its initial founding at Old Fort Schuyler on the banks of the Mohawk River. Annexing land from surrounding towns New Hartford and Whitestown has lead to some bizarre borders.

Lite 98.7's Eric Meier has teamed up with Folklorist P.W. Creighton to explore the haunts and legends of New York. Through their travels into the dark and often overlooked spaces they will bring these historic sites back to life and make some unexpected discoveries along the way.

In this episode Eric guides the explorers around Utica in search of bizarre borders including a slice of land near the southern city line near New Hartford known as No Man's Land. The area, not claimed by either municipality, became a haven for escaped slaves traveling the Underground Railroad in the decades before the Civil War.

Oneida County Historian, Joe Bottini, shared with us a story of No Man's Land and plots of land now in Utica that show evidence of its history as New Hartford farmland. That location is south of Prospect Street off of upper Genesee Street.

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