These are the stories that made us question our world and wonder who we could call. Throughout 2015 there were quite a few stories that sent chills down our spines, ranging from strange creatures to the US Government looking for volunteers to legally haunted houses, these are the top paranormal stories for 2015.

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    Volunteer For Ghost Town

    U.S. Government Wants Volunteers For Ghost Town

    In April the U.S. government put out a notice seeking volunteers to spend the summer of 2015 leading tours and providing visitor information at a historic ghost town in Montana. The only catch was, the old mining ghost town was actually haunted.

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    The 'Rake'

    “The Rake” Creature Found in New York?
    Shadow Chasers
    Shadow Chasers

    There are a lot of strange things out there and while some reports make headlines others sound too strange to be true. One account that is downright terrifying is that of the mysterious creature known as ‘The Rake.‘ A number of recent claims place the creature in the Hudson Valley.

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    Ghosts Of Hotel Utica

    Ghost Hunters Explore Hotel Utica On Halloween With Haunts And Legend LIVE

    In October ghost hunters and guests explored the floors of the haunted Hotel Utica on Halloween night in pursuit of the unknown. SyFy channel's Kris Williams and Chris DiCesare led guest on the first ever ghost hunt through the haunted hotel.

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    The Haunted Castle of Little Falls

    Inside The Castle-Like Overlook Mansion

    Everyone thinks of Beardslee Castle when it comes to Little Falls but one of the most haunted and amazing castles is situated high on a hill in Little Falls, the historic castle-like Overlook Mansion and a forgotten legend.

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    The Witch Doctor

    The Witch Doctor Of Steuben And The Starr Hill Ghost

    Just to the north of Utica lies the haunted Starr Hill road in the town of Steuben and home to a legendary Witch Doctor. Everyone has heard of the Starr Hill haunting but not many know the truth and where the haunting actually is said to take place.

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    Most Haunted Locations In Central New York

    13 Most Haunted Locations In Central New York

    These are the places where the stuff of legends comes to life. Allegedly. Thirteen haunted locations in Central New York that truly embody what a ghost story is whether it’s a phantom bride, a ghostly battle or ghostly guest.

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    Most Haunted Locations To Investigate

    13 Most Haunted Iconic New York Locations That You Can Investigate

    Everyone has heard of these iconic haunted locations, but not everyone has the chance to explore them. These offer something for everyone in addition to locally run events, there are many historic locations which offer opportunities for the public to investigate these historic haunted buildings.

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    New York's Most Haunted Colleges

    The 13 Most Haunted College Campuses in New York State

    Colleges across New York have stories and legends based on hauntings that have alleged to have taken place on their campuses. These are the 13 most haunted colleges in New York.

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    Asylum Re-Opens

    Haunted Willard Asylum Opens Its Doors Again

    In 1869, the Willard Asylum For The Chronic Insane was opened and once each year the Willard Asylum opens its doors for a rare public tour. This year was the highest turnout ever with attendees getting the chance to see inside the closed asylum.

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    Legally Haunted

    House Declared Legally Haunted By Supreme Court
    Google Maps Street View
    Google Maps Street View

    Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there is one house in the state of New York that is haunted without a doubt in the eyes of the law - the state Supreme Court declared it legally haunted in 1991.

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