Over the past couple of years, the popularity of this ride-sharing service has grown beyond imagination.  Uber is used in many cities here in the U.S., and in dozens of other countries throughout the world.  As of now, Uber is not available in Utica/Rome, Syracuse or Albany.  It may be a case where the company feels there is simply not enough demand in these communities.   There is service in Rochester, Buffalo, in New York City and Long Island.

After downloading the free Uber rider app to your smartphone, the service is available at the tap of a button.  Once you request a ride from your home, your workplace, a bar or restaurant, or while walking, an Uber car shows up within a few minutes.  You can actually track the car's location and know when it will arrive.  Once in the car, you tell the driver your destination.  You can also request an estimate of the cost of the trip.

Uber rides are quite inexpensive.  If your destination is only a mile or so away, the rate can easily be under $5.00 US dollars.  If you've had a couple of cocktails, paying a few dollars is so much better than risking an accident or a DUI.

The cars are usually late model sedans, and are privately owned by the Uber drivers.  You can also request an SUV, or a luxury sedan at a high cost.   Most times, the drivers supply water and let you choose the music you would like to hear during your ride.  There are also opportunities to become an Uber driver, and earn up to $20.00 and hour by giving rides in your car.

If you agree that the Uber ride-sharing service would be great to have available in this area, you can sign a petition by downloading the app.  It may be a great option when you need a ride on short notice.






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