The colorful rock festival Welcome to Rockville just released its 2024 lineup and it's EPIC. Keeping in mind that a lot of sane folks who LOVE music are probably un-interested in giving Florida ANY tourism money at present because current political leadership is whack, Rockville's 2024 lineup could cause some of us to at least consider re-considering making a May trek to Daytona as a 4-day exception.

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Credit-Welcome to Rockville
Credit-Welcome to Rockville

What is Welcome to Rockville?

If you are unfamiliar with Welcome to Rockville, according to good ole Wikipedia,

Welcome to Rockville is a four-day hard rock and heavy metal music festival. The festival is held annually at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Welcome to Rockville started as a one-day event in May of 2011 and then over the years continued to expand to include 4 days, multiple stages and the opportunity to see a plethora of your faves over the course of the four day weekend. Like most music festivals, Welcome to Rockville was on temporary hiatus during COVID, but ramped back up in 2022 with legendary acts like Kiss and Guns and Roses as headliners-- although two of the four days were rained out that year.

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Glastonbury Festival 2023 - Day 4
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So Which Legendary Band from New York made the 2024 Welcome to Rockville Lineup?

Along with these other legendary greats, like "Foo Fighters, Mötley Crüe, Slipknot, and Limp Bizkit, Queens of the Stone Age, Disturbed, Offspring, Evanescence, Cypress Hill, Mr. Bungle, Judas Priest, Stone Temple Pilots, Greta Van Fleet, and Jelly Roll." According to Spin. A legendary, Grammy winning New York Band is performing on the Thursday of the festival.

Remember the band Living Colour?

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Check out the other artists on the Welcome to Rockville roster:

Credit-Welcome to Rockville
Credit-Welcome to Rockville

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