This has probably never happened to you in Central New York, and if it has, it's hardly ever. But for some areas of the country it's an everyday occurrence.

I spent a few days last week visiting my friends and family back in Michigan. After my boyfriend and I got stopped by this normal everyday thing just outside of the city of Port Huron, it made me realize that I haven't been stopped by "this" since I moved out to New York more than two years ago.

I'm talking about getting stopped by a train at a railroad crossing. Although I've driven over a few of them around Central New York, I've never actually had to wait for a train. I remember growing up in Southeast Michigan, and hearing the train whistles at night. On the bus ride to and from school we would probably get stopped once a week. And as an adult going to college and work, I would get stopped by a train at least three times in a normal week.

Stopped By a Train Outside of Port Huron, Michigan
Naomi Lynn/TSM

It's funny, something so simple, but it is a difference I've noticed since living in New York. I have to admit though, I'm happy I haven't been stopped by a train. I remember it becoming a nuisance, like if I was running a few minutes late for work and then got stopped by a train... Or when I just wanted to get home after a long day and I have to wait an extra five minutes for a train to go by.

Have you ever been stopped at a railroad crossing in Central New York? Where was it and when did it happen? Do you get stopped often by trains? I want to know... Leave me a message in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page.




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