Firefighters go the extra mile every day. Let's face it: being the guys and gals running towards a disaster when everyone else is running away can't be easy. Sometimes, stupidity makes it harder: like when a car is in your way. Check out the video of some firefighters making quick work of a car, courtesy of J.D. Klosser via YouTube.

According to Gothamist, the incident happened in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn:

...the tiny electric vehicle, owned by car-sharing company Car2Go, blocked the path of a firetruck belonging to Hancock Street’s Ladder Company 111.

These NY firefighters took care of that: the just picked the car up and moved it out of the way.

Let's all try not to make firefighters' jobs any tougher: don't park in front of hydrants and make sure you move over when you see an emergency vehicle headed your way. Running into a burning building is challenge enough.

Our hats are certainly off to these firemen, and their "creativity".


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