Two New York nurses are in a heap of legal trouble after operating a fake COVID-19 vaccination card scam. The two women earned more than $1.5 million from the operation. Julie DeVuono and Marissa Urrao, who both worked in Long Island at Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, allegedly forged the vaccination cards and entered them into the New York State official database. DeVuono owns the clinic, according to news reports.

The scheme began in November of 2021. They charged adults $220 and children $85 for the fake vaccination cards. The women were caught when they allegedly wrote fake cards for undercover officers. Investigators found a ledger showing the transactions and seized more than $900,000.

The two women have been charged with one count of forgery each. DeVuono was also charged with "offering a false instrument for filing."

Credit: NBC New York

Bills Fans Facing Charges For Using Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

Recently, a couple of Buffalo Bills fans from West Seneca were arrested for using fake vaccination cards to get into a playoff game. Amber and Michael Naab, were each charged with one felony count of criminal possession of a forged instrument, according to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn. The couple was prosecuted using the “Truth in Vaccination” law, which went into effect on December 22, 2021.

This legislation specifically states that a vaccination card is a written instrument, which makes it clear that presenting a fake vaccine card, with the intent to defraud another person or entity, is a crime. I am committed to keeping the residents of Erie County safe, which includes upholding laws related to public health. These two defendants are accused of using a fake vaccine card to intentionally violate the rules at the stadium, potentially putting the health of other fans at risk. As I have stated before, if you present a fake vaccine card, you will be prosecuted.

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