15 people died, and more than a dozen others were injured when a bus carrying a junior hockey team collided with a semi truck. All over, people have been paying tribute to those who lost their lives and those hurt in the crash, including here in New York.

You may have seen the Facebook posts going around to pay tribute to the young athletes, where you leave a hockey stick on your front porch and leave the light on, or light a candle next to it. Granted, not everyone has a hockey stick laying around, so there are other ways people have been showing their support to the families dealing with this tragedy. Some are wearing the team colors of the Humboldt Broncos (the junior hockey team), which are gold and green.

And that's just how individuals have been paying their respects. Niagara Falls paid tribute to the Humboldt Broncos by lighting up the falls green and gold Sunday night (April 8th). You can actually see the beautiful display they created by visiting: The Niagara Falls Facebook Page

Our own Utica Comets will also be doing something special in honor of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. According to their Facebook Post, they are encouraging fans to wear green and gold during their home game this Friday (April 13th). The team will also be wearing Bronco's nameplates on their jerseys during the game.

Such a horrible tragedy in the Saskatchewan province, that has shaken the hockey community, and this part of the world, to its core. So many young ones lost their lives, and many others are still hurt and will have a long road to recovery. Our hearts go out to the families and the friends of everyone who was involved in this accident.




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