Liana Barrientos doesn't have a fear of commitment, but she still has commitment issues. She's in big trouble now, getting caught after applying for another marriage license.


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I guess Liana Barrientos just likes to be a bride. She's been married ten different times since 1999. Apparently, she didn't always get a divorce before marrying her next man. At one time she was married to eight different men all at the same time, and as of right now she's married to four.

2002 was a busy year for Barrientos, as she got married six different times. She kicked off her year by getting married on Valentine's Day. This was her fourth marriage and she hadn't divorced any of the other men. According to Yahoo News,

Just two weeks later, when most brides might be winding down their honeymoon, she married husband number five. Two weeks later, it was the turn of husband number six.

She then closed out the summer of 2002 with another three weddings in May, July and August, before calling it a halt for eight years.


All her fun ended when she applied for ANOTHER marriage license in 2010. On the application she lied and said she had never been married before, and that's when the police got involved.

Barrientos spent her Friday in a Bronx court room on charges of fraud. If she is found guilty, she could spend four years in jail.

I know people get married all the time, but you usually get a divorce before moving on to the next person. Eight different marriages at once - I guess one just wasn't enough for her!




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