NY lawmakers are looking to add language to an existing law that would legalize beer and hard cider ice cream in the state.

Mercer's Dairy led the way with wine ice cream in the state. In 2008, Mercer's Dairy pushed to make wine ice cream legal in the state - and were successful. Last year, lawmakers passed another law allowing the wine ice cream to be sold in pint containers. Now, a push is on to include hard cider and beer ice cream in the current law that legalizes wine ice cream.

The push for beer ice cream is being led by Gilligan's Island, a diner in Sherburne that also makes its own ice cream. They've been working with local brewers to develop a beer ice cream - Gilligan's has developed three flavors so far: Ice Cream Ale, made with a dark malty ale from the Copper Turret; Bavarian Chocolate, made with chocolate beer; and  Double Buzz, made with coffee beer, according to NYUpstate.com

What do you think? Would you enjoy beer ice cream, or do you prefer to drink your beer rather than lick it? 

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