As Scandinavian supergroup ABBA sang about, it's always great when you can get "Two For the Price of One." It could be a meal at a restaurant. It could be a deal at a convenience store. Or maybe lift passes at a ski resort.

Two for one. Powerful word combination. Now, you can combine two of your favorite things--wine and ice cream. Thanks go out to the folks at Mercer's, a dairy in Boonville specializing in wine ice cream.

In case you missed the slogan in small print on the pints: "the ultimate pairing."

The flavors come in Chocolate Cabernet, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay and more. And yes: you have to be at least 21, because the ice cream DOES contain up to 5% alcohol by volume.

Where do you get it, other than at Mercer's in Boonville? We found the pints in the picture at Chanatry's, but there are lots of other locations in Central New York. Cheers.


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