After admitting he was ‘Born This Way,’ the magic of editing (and loads of free time) brings us another crossover music video featuring President Obama singing the words to a hit pop song. This time, to LMFAO‘s overplayed, er, extremely popular ‘Sexy and I Know It.’ 

Created by Baracksdubs, this is another craftily edited video made using words uttered by the president from hundreds of speechs. Want to see Obama saying he’s “sexy” and he knows it? Check out the video below.

Fortunately Obama never mentioned “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” in once of his speeches, because that would not have been good for Middle East relations. We have to imagine the makers of these videos must be in love with Obama to sit through hours and hours of footage to find the right word. That said, LMFAO surely wouldn’t mind the leader of the free world giving props to their song. Beats having a kid do it for them.

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