Today is Election Day.  Don't forget to make time to vote.  With all the serious issues out there, here's a not so serious look at some things you might not know about President Obama and candidate MItt Romney.

President Obama:

1.  He's the first president to tweet and currently has almost 21 million followers.

2  His favorite healthy snack is apples.  He keeps a bowl of them in the Oval Office.

3.  His first car was a Ford Granada from the 1970s.

4.  He likes to work out to music by Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones and Jay-Z.

5.  Things he misses about growing up in Hawaii are eating shaved ice and bodysurfing.

6.  He's a die-hard Chicago White Sox Fan.

7.  He taught his daughter Sasha how to shoot a three-pointer.

8.  He read all the Harry Potter books with his daughter Malia.

9.  The Truman Balcony is his favorite place in the White House.  It overlooks the South Lawn.

Mitt Romney:

1.  His first name isn't Mitt.  That's his middle name.  His first name is Willard.

2.  He and his wife Ann love to watch "Modern Family."

3.  He runs three miles a day.

4.  In 2012, TIME included Romney on their list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

5.  His zodiac sign is Pisces.

6.  He doesn't drink or smoke.

7.  He loves peanut butter, chocolate milk and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

8.  He would love to have dinner with Nelson Mandela.

9.  If he had to pick one actor to portray him in a movie, it would be Gene Hackman.