I feel guilty about using my co-worker's stapler, but it's superior to the one in my office. His stapler never jams and punches more efficiently than any other one I've ever used. I snapped the above picture on the sly at about 4:45 one morning when I was in the guy's office space down the hall from our studio.

I asked my Facebook Friends if they have any Office Confessions, we'll just use first names (or in some cases aliases), but here's a sampling of responses from Central New York and beyond:

-Billy: "I'd rather walk up eight flights of stairs rather than getting stuck in the elevator with one of the co-workers at my job."

-Dave: "I would take creamer from the fridge for my coffee." (It only counts as stealing if they have their name on it.)

-Ariana: "I pretend to make a phone call sometimes to kick lingerers out."

-Steven: "I used to answer the phone and take messages for myself...promising I would give the message to me right away."

-Pam: "I wear headphones so I can't hear the guy next to me slurp his coffee." (Beth does the same to drown out my chewing noises.)

-Marty: "I get to work early, just to look good, but I really don't do much work until close to noon."

-A woman we'll call "Susan": "I've been secretly taking naps and I feel a LOT more productive." ( Are you SURE those naps are secret?)

Would YOU like to make an Office Confession? Step up and fire away. Use an alias if you want.


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