What is that On-Hold Music?
Think about the last time you dialed into into a conference call at work, or you were on hold with the DMV, or maybe it was with your bank trying to find out who charged lunch in Brazil to your credit card - without a doubt you've heard some bad on-hold music. UberConfrence, an online conferenc…
Men Have Dirty Offices
I love how women claim men are disgusting. They think we are just full of germs and disease. But, is there any truth in saying men are disgusting? Perhaps this will answer it.
How To Be A Good Cube-Mate
At work I share my office with none other than Morning man Mark Richards. It's pretty much a college dorm with the jokes we pull, and we both get along for the most part. Maybe you’re stuck in a cubicle with someone else. If you want to succeed, you should know how to work well …

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