Maybe your workplace is corky and strange. Perhaps you have your own odd traditions. Well the staff of Townsquare Media isn't too much different, if anything we are more corky and strange. Every Friday we celebrate Chinese Friday.


Chinese Friday is a tasty tradition we celebrate here at the office. Here’s how it usually happens…

11:00AM: Dave goes to Eric Meier’s office; this is to spark the interest

11:03AM: Dave gets Eric’s interest and both make the quest to Business Manager Larry’s office.

11:04AM: Next stop is Pam’s office right next door to Larry.

11:05AM: After getting Pam’s wonton order written down, we make the hike to the WIBX newsroom where fellow staff members Jeff and Jeanette are always excited for Chinese.

11:07AM: We bump into Geoff Storm our Production Director who some weeks wants in, others brings his salads. Either way he has some witty sarcastic comment that always gets us to laugh.

11:09AM: Kevin Quinn is always hungry for take out

11:10AM: We decide to place a page throughout the building to see if we have any other takers, some weeks the sales reps run out like a stampede, others they are gone.

11:12AM: We place order

11:30AM: Lunch is ready, CHINESE FRIDAY CHOW, usually in the conference room, or depending on work load at our desks.

It’s a great meal choice every week, and we differ from restaurant to restaurant. What are some of your office traditions?

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