Is there still hope for the Great New York State Fair this year? In what could be a hopeful sign, officials have extended the deadline for vendor contracts until July 15th.

The Great New York State Fair happens annually in August. This year, it's planned to run from August 21 through September 7, but whether it will even happen has been up in the air since the state shut down in March.

Governor Cuomo has said he would wait until the "last minute" to make a decision about the fair. “We’ll make the decisions when we have to make the decisions,” Cuomo said in May. “But let’s see what the facts are at the last minute that we have to make a decision.”

At the end of April, Cuomo said opening the fair "would not be good," adding it could attract visitors from all over the state. At that time, Cuomo said the entire state would need to be opened before the fair could happen.

The Great New York State Fair attracts over 1 million people to the fairgrounds in Syracuse. Central New York, along with the Mohawk Valley region, is presently poised to enter Phase 3 of the Governor's plan to reopen New York, while NYC has just started Phase 1. By the end of August, if all continues as planned, CNY and the Mohawk Valley should be well beyond the final Phase 4.

4-H has already announced they will not be at the fair this year.


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