Rome's Old City Hall, built in 1894, and standing vacant for years, is being remodeled and ready for future use. The entire process is being captured on a new Facebook page.

The building which stands at the corner of Park and James Street, kitty-corner from Fort Stanwix, is being revitalized by Yes Development. They are planning three retail spaces on the ground floor, along with a cafe with outdoor seating. The upper floors will be apartment spaces.

According to the Rome Sentinel, summer of 2015 marked the beginning of the exterior work on the building. The previous winter was spent inside beginning the rehab on the interior. The project is expected to be completed at the end of 2016.

Some of the more stunning photos on the Old City Hall Facebook page are power-washing of the building which rid the bricks of grime and brought back it's original brighter reddish hue.

Rome photographer Mike Colangelo captured a wonderful shot of the city hall bell with the inscription

Town of Rome Erected 1796.

City of Rome Incorporated 1870.

City Hall Built 1894.

This Bell Cast January 5, 1898.

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