Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones has returned to her Olympics commentator role for NBC. She's live-tweeting while watching her network's TV coverage of the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

First things first, she's a riot. Totally off the cuff, stream-of-consciousness, first-thought-that-pops-into-her-head funny. Give a comedian freedom like that and you're bound to strike gold, like her comment here about the odd technique of speed skaters:

 Feb 10
The hands behind the back give me a whole different idea of what’s really happening!!

Funny. But, along with that wide berth, be ready for a few problems, like this comment about figure skating:
 Feb 8
I mean when you fall like that how you get up man. I would be like f*********!!
We censored that final word, but the full monty is right there in all its glory on her Twitter feed if you wanna see.
I think she's both funny and inappropriate. And, maybe she and the network should get together and figure out a compromise for the rest of the Games.
Do you think NBC is okay with the words she uses on her own Twitter feed to describe the action NBC is covering? Do you think the network should've known what they were getting into with giving Leslie Jones this forum? Do you think she should be a little more careful with her language?


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